Walking Alone ?

As a driver, most of us had an experience to walk alone at a parking lot. Sometime we are unable to avoid the situation or some of us usually drive alone. Parking lot is a very dangerous place synonym with quiet and gloomy environment, there are many hidden areas and blind spots.  

Some of the crime that usually taking advantage at the parking lot is kidnapping, snatching and armed robbery. Mostly happen to women as they are more vulnerable when walking alone.

This is mostly happen because some of the parking lot user did not take any precaution whenever they walk alone at the parking lot to avoid being an easy target for crime.

Here some tips from WAHDAH.MY customers out there whenever you need to walk alone, remember…

  1. Walk fast with a purpose

  2. Have your head up and stare at someone if they make you nervous. This is basically say i see you. To signal that you are a fighter and this is not a predator wants. And it also show that you are aware and ready if they try to do anything. And finally you have looked at them so you may recognize them if you need to.

  3. Have your keys out and ready before you walk into the parking lot.

  4. Have your dominant hand open and free of bags.

If you see someone at your car you should return back and ask for an escort. When two people involved, you would not be a target. Finally always be aware and trust your intuition at all times and this tips will keep you safe. Be strong , be empowered and be confident.    

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