Easy Guide to Malaysia's Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) for Foreign Travelers 2024

Traveling to Malaysia? You might need to fill out a new online form called the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC). This guide will explain everything you need to know about the MDAC, including who needs to fill it out, how to submit it, and what to do upon arrival.


What is the MDAC?

The MDAC is a new online pre-arrival form that simplifies the entry process for most foreign visitors to Malaysia. It was introduced in 2024 as part of Malaysia's Visa Liberalization Plan.


Who Needs to Fill Out the MDAC?

Most foreign travelers entering Malaysia by air or land need to complete the MDAC 3 days before their arrival

There are some exceptions, including:

  • Singapore Citizens
  • Holders of Malaysian Long-Term Passes
  • People with Brunei Common Identification Certificates
  • Travelers with Thai Border Passes


How to Submit the MDAC

  1. Visit the official website of the Malaysia Immigration Department 
  2. Find and complete the online MDAC form. Make sure to enter your information accurately. 

  1. Submit the form. It's free!
  2. Keep a copy of your confirmation for your records (screenshot or email).

Important! As of January 1, 2024, you cannot submit the MDAC upon arrival anymore. Make sure to complete it beforehand to avoid any delays.


What to Do Upon Arrival in Malaysia

  1. Have your valid passport ready (at least 6 months validity for air arrivals, 3 months for land entries).
  2. Show your MDAC confirmation (printed or digital) at the immigration counter.
  3. If eligible, use the autogate (e-gate) system for a faster entry process.

Source: Vietjet Air


Using the Autogate System

The autogate system is an automated immigration clearance option available to travelers from specific countries (including Australia, Brunei, Germany, Japan, and more). To use it:

  1. Be a citizen from a participating country.
  2. Submit your MDAC 3 days before arrival.
  3. Enroll your fingerprints at a counter upon your first arrival (mandatory).
  4. Have an e-Passport.

Remember: First-time autogate users need to verify their passport at a manual counter first. After that, you can use the autogate for both entry and exit on future trips.

By following these simple steps and understanding the MDAC requirements, you'll ensure a smooth and enjoyable arrival in Malaysia!


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