9 Tips Driving in The Rain

Driving in the rain? Focus more, less speed!

Raining season in the Peninsular Malaysia now, especially in the East Coast Region. Here some tips for you when driving in wet weather.

• Avoid driving at high speed – it takes longer to stop or adjust in wet weather.

• If you are going through a three-lane road, stay toward the middle lane – water tends to pool in the left or right lane.

• Maintain proper distance between you and the vehicle ahead – for braking distance.

• Don’t follow large trucks or buses too closely – the spray from the vehicle reduces your vision.

• Be more alert when driving in wet or slippery road – watch out the brake lights in front of you.

• Turn your headlights and rear fog lamps on – help you see the road and help other drivers see you.

• Never drive through moving water if you can’t see the ground through it – your car could be swept off the road.

• When driving through a puddle of uncertain depth, go slow. If it’s deeper than the bottom of your doors, turn around and find another route – deep water can cause serious damage to a car’s electrical system.

• If there is heavy rain and poor visibility – advisable to stop at the safe place such as rest and service areas or a petrol station.

Remember your love ones and drive safely!

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