5 Tips to Ensure Your Safety When Driving in Haze

Driving in haze was not something everyone are fond of. It’s difficult and really uncomfortable as you need to stay cautious and alert (focus) all the time while driving. Some of us might even never drive in haze in their lifetime. So here some tips to help you drive safer in haze.


  1. Check your vehicle low-beam and backlight (all lights obviously)
    Make sure your vehicle lights were functional before you choose to drive in haze. It’s to help others see you better. Besides, it’s a common knowledge to turn on your headlights when driving thru thick fog, heavy rain or even haze with high API readings.

  2. Make use of your fog lamp
    The car fog lamp are very helpful when driving in haze condition. The fog lamp lights are visible farther in distance when compared to low-beam headlights. This one reason is why most people add or buy a vehicle with fog lamp! So why not use it as it surely not just to make the car look cooler.


  1. Please give your high-beam a rest!
    Avoid using high-beam headlights as it’s hinders other drivers vision (opposite road). Brighter and wider range of light doesn’t mean it helps increase your vision in haze. So, please refrain from using high-beam when driving in haze.


  1. Watch your distance, keep a safe margin
    Following other vehicles too close is something you really want to avoid when driving in haze. It’s not even funny when other people bump your car from the back and shot off an excuse “I don’t really see you were there, it’s not clear”. So, make sure you keep a safe distance to avoid bumping into other people vehicles!


  1. Don’t drive too fast, just drive slow and steady
    It’s dangerous to drive fast even without haze. As your vision greatly reduce, you surely don’t want to hit something hard (with greater speed) that might threaten your own life and even others. Be more alert of your surrounding will greatly help in this case.