What to Expect on Indonesia's Independence Day

Every year on August 17th, Indonesia joyously commemorates its Independence Day. This significant occasion serves as a time for reflection, honoring national heroes, and embracing the spirit of freedom that defines Indonesia.

The road to Indonesian independence was fraught with struggle. After centuries under Dutch and Japanese colonial rule, Indonesia finally declared independence on August 17, 1945. The proclamation, read by Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta at Jalan Pegangsaan Timur 56, Jakarta, marked a historic moment catalyzed by the end of World War II and Japan's surrender.

As the anniversary of this historic event approaches, the entire nation gears up to celebrate with great enthusiasm. Here’s what to expect in the days leading up to August 17th as all Indonesians prepare to celebrate their independence.


Preparing for the Celebration

Preparations begin weeks in advance across Indonesia. Office buildings, government offices, and malls are adorned with red and white decorations—the colors of the Indonesian flag. Streets are lit up with unique patriotic designs, proclaiming "Dirgahayu RI" (Long live Indonesia!). Newspapers and magazines feature insights from analysts and citizens reflecting on Indonesia's progress since independence and its future challenges.

Neighborhoods organize special activities, like children's races and games, often centered around the iconic Panjat Pinang—where participants climb a greased palm trunk to win prizes. Schools host patriotic contests and decorate classrooms, while TV channels broadcast historical shows and musical events nationwide.


Independence Day Festivities

Image Source: expatsindonesia

On the big day, the solemn flag-raising ceremony at the National Palace takes center stage. Led by the President, Vice President, and military officials, it's a grand display of respect and national pride, broadcast live. Meanwhile, communities across Indonesia celebrate with local games, cultural contests, and food competitions. Everyone joins in, from children devouring krupuk (shrimp chips) to adults scaling the slippery Panjat Pinang for prizes.


Post-Celebration Traditions

Following Independence Day, communities often hold cleanup drives (kerja bakti) and parades. In the past, Jakarta hosted a grand parade with floats and marching bands showcasing Indonesia's artistic talent.


Wrap Up

August 17th holds profound significance for Indonesians—a day of joy and remembrance. If you're fortunate to be in Indonesia leading up to this time, join in the festivities: participate in local competitions, enjoy shopping discounts, and perhaps learn to pronounce "Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia" to celebrate wholeheartedly.

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