Unique Traditions for Celebrating August 17th Across Indonesia

August is always a festive month in Indonesia as people all over the country eagerly prepare for the anniversary of Indonesia's independence. Besides decorating homes and neighborhoods with various ornaments and attributes, many regions also hold unique traditions that add to the celebratory atmosphere. Let's learn about some of the unique ways people across Indonesia celebrate Independence Day!


1. Peresean, Lombok

Image Souce: indonesiakaya


In Lombok, the Peresean tradition brings together Sasak warriors to compete in a rattan-stick duel, shielded by cow or buffalo hide. This traditional art, popular among locals and tourists alike, emphasizes brotherhood and the valor of the fighters.


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2. The Gebogan, Bali

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Bali is known for its rich traditions and culture. In Tabanan, these customs are celebrated on Indonesia's Independence Day, August 17th, with traditional competitions. One standout event is the Gebogan-making contest, where participants create vertical arrangements of fruits, snacks, and flowers on a tray called a dulang, often used as a religious offering. Young women from village youth groups compete to craft the most beautiful Gebogan, showcasing their creativity and connecting with tradition. Competitions for older women also allow them to display their skills in making and decorating Gebogan.


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 3. Sailboat Race, Batam

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Batam hosts an annual sailboat race that has been part of Independence Day celebrations since 1965. Held after the official ceremony, the race features colorful wooden boats and attracts participants and spectators from across the country and abroad.


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 4. Betawi Cultural Parade, Jakarta

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The Betawi Cultural Parade in Jakarta is a vibrant celebration featuring various traditional arts competitions. These include sahibul hikayat (storytelling), Betawi dance, lenong (traditional theater), and palang pintu (a welcoming ceremony). Held in August, the event aims to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day by showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Betawi people, adding to the festive spirit of the occasion with colorful performances and lively community participation.


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5. Pawai Jampana, Bandung

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In Bandung, West Java, the people celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day with a vibrant parade called Pawai Jampana. This parade features large platforms filled with various local produce, handmade crafts, and a wide assortment of foods. There are dozens of these platforms in the parade.

Each platform is typically carried by four people. The produce on these platforms is then eagerly grabbed by both parade participants and spectators. The food on the platforms is shared and enjoyed together by the community.


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Wrap Up

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