How to Monitor Odd-Even Routes with Waze in Jakarta
15 Jul 2024
If you drive in Jakarta, you're probably familiar with the Odd-Even rule, which restricts certain vehicles from using specific roads based...
Family Car Rental: Tips For Renting A Car For Family Road Trips
07 Mar 2024
Why The Right Family Car Matters Your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation on these trips. It becomes an integral part of th...
7 Tips To Clean Your Car And Stay Virus Free – WAHDAH
07 Mar 2024
Covid epidemics and some more serious infectious diseases, the threat of disease is always around us all the time. If you think going out wit...
5 Best Tips To Avoid Feeling Drowsy While Driving
07 Mar 2024
The most troubling thing when driving is driving while drowsy. Sometimes it becomes a nightmare for all the bridesmaids. In fact, many accide...
Mitsubishi Xpander at WAHDAH
07 Mar 2024
If you’re looking to rent a Mitsubishi Xpander, Wahdah is the place to do it. With our extensive fleet of vehicles and flexible terms, we can...
A Guide to Shift Lock & How to Use It
07 Mar 2024
Driving an automatic transmission car offers a level of convenience that many appreciate, but there are certain features you might not be ful...
Six Ultimate Benefit of Renting a Car
07 Mar 2024
Majority of people think renting a car is expensive. Even in Malaysia, renting a car for traveling or vacation is only for people with deep ...
Car Rental Checklist
07 Mar 2024
Online car rental reservation can be quite a hassle if you never rent a car through the internet. So, rental awareness plays an important role...
9 Tips to Save on Car Rental in Malaysia
07 Mar 2024
Renting a car is a popular option while travelling in Malaysia. But it can turn out to be expensive, especially if you are not familiar w...
4 Pro Tips for Long Distance Driving
07 Mar 2024
When driving in long distance, we tend to be tired and lose our focus along the way. We hope with below tips can help us to avoid any misfortu...
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