5 Must Visit Places in Melaka by Car

Melaka “The Historic State” is famous for it’s rich history, and became well known around the world after it was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7 July 2008. Millions of people visits this historical city every year...

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5 Must Visit Places in Kuala Lumpur by Car

Kuala Lumpur is a must visit place for tourists around the world. Thousands of tourist visit this capital city of Malaysia because of its modern wonders and its unique and rich of culture that symbolise the...

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benefit of car rental

Six Ultimate Benefit of Renting a Car

Majority of people think renting a car is expensive. Even in Malaysia, renting a car for traveling or vacation is only for people with deep pocket. Is it true? That is a hoax. Renting a car should save your money more...

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Car Rental Checklist

Online car rental reservation can be quite a hassle if you never rent a car through the internet. So, rental awareness plays an important role in this matter. That is why we provide you with the checklist below. Just by following our car rental...

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